• Iowa farmland value average is $9,751 per acre
  • Iowa farmland values have increased 330% since year 2000.
  • 78% of farmland in Iowa is owned by people older than age 55.
  • 54% of farmland in Iowa is rented.
  • Out of state residents own 21% of Iowa farmland.
  • Investors purchase 21% of farms in 2017, 20% 2015, 23% 2010.

                                                                                         ISU Extension

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Selling Farmland At Auction

    Iowa farmland continues to set strong prices at public auction in 2020.  Farmland is one of the very best investments available. In fact, current farmland values are more than double what they were 10 years ago. There is currently a very strong demand for farmland throughout the state for many reasons including: expanding farm operations, low interest rates, investment opportunities, and strong commodity prices.

     The key to achieving a high selling price on your farm starts with marketing. In fact, we make it a point to strive for "nationwide marketing with hometown service." Behr Auction Service, LLC has marketing strategies that are second to none and we look forward to sharing them with you the seller. We are in constant communication with farmers, landowners, and investors with 1031 exchange money and other assets who are specifically looking to purchase Iowa farmland.

     Our energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism will get you top dollar for your property. Our networking puts us in communication daily with many individuals and investors looking specifically for Iowa farmland. Whether you are selling or buying farmland, please give Behr Auction Service, LLC the opportunity to share with your the process and rewards of an auction and how it will work for you.

Benefits to Seller by Behr Auction Service, LLC

* Focus is on your property alone.

* Extensive marketing strategy that is second to none!

* Both live and online options bidding available. 

* Exposes property to many potential buyers (farmers, landowners, investors, etc.).

* Serious and qualified buyers come to auctions prepared to purchase.

* Auction creates open and active competition among bidders.

Recent Farmland Auctions By Behr Auction Service, LLC

Margaret Maupin Trust, Floyd County,150 acres SOLD

Ham Farm, Mitchell County, 120 acres â€‹SOLD

Gansen Farm, Howard County, 320 acres SOLD

Faber Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 90 acres SOLD

Hejlik Farm, Franklin County, 32 acres SOLD

Otto Farm, Franklin County, 76 acres SOLD

Niccum Farms, Humboldt County, 322 acres SOLD

Ingebretson Farms, Cerro Gordo County, 149 acres SOLD

Aastrup Farms, Cerro Gordo County, 300 acres SOLD

Schulz Farm, Mitchell County, 120 acres SOLD

Gratias Farms, Mitchell/Floyd County, 274 acres SOLD

Blank Farm, Hancock County, 275 acres SOLD

Crawford Farm, Franklin County, 160 acres SOLD

Lines Farm, Floyd County, 74 acres SOLD

Pigskin Farm, Butler County, 246 acres SOLD

Pooley-Rottler Farm, Butler County, 115 acres SOLD

MVR Farm, Floyd County, 74 acres SOLD

Emhoff Farm, Franklin County, 60 acres SOLD

Sturges Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 150 acres SOLD

Mc Grath Farm, Worth County, 90 acres SOLD

Olson Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 80 acres SOLD

Ward Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 59 acres SOLD

Ott Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 39 acres SOLD

Budde Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 95 acres SOLD

Smith Farm, Floyd County, 154 acres SOLD

Pardun Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 316 acres SOLD

Nisley Farm, Mitchell County, 154 acres SOLD

Tatum Farm, Floyd County, 158 acres SOLD

Stock Farm, Butler County, 80 acres SOLD

Kyle Farm, Butler County, 160 acres SOLD

Bertelsen Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 191 acres SOLD

Leavens Farm, Floyd County, 181 acres SOLD

Yelland Farm, Franklin County, 40 acres SOLD

Steere Farm, Butler County, 76 acres SOLD

Freie-Greub Farm, Franklin County, 152 acres SOLD

Larson Farm, Hancock County, 77 acres SOLD

Small Farm, Van Buren County, 300 acres SOLD

Markwardt Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 55 acres SOLD

Bertelsen Hirsch Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 76 acres SOLD

Harken Farm, Grundy County, 80 acres SOLD

Klasse Farm, Humboldt County, 123 acres SOLD

Moody Farm, Butler County, 120 acres SOLD

Marshall Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 75 acres SOLD

Marshall Farm, Floyd County, 78 acres SOLD

Deike Farm, Floyd County, 144 acres SOLD

Pals Farm, Hancock County, 157 acres SOLD

Dettman-Hammervold Farm, Wright County, 212 acres SOLD

Ott Farm, Floyd County, 80 acres SOLD

Darg Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 159 acres SOLD

Triple D Ebling Farm, Butler County, 571 acres SOLD

Kofoot Farm, Mitchell County, 155 acres SOLD

Ewald Farm, Floyd County, 269 acres SOLD

Kelley Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 235 acres SOLD

Stock Farm, Floyd County, 50 acres SOLD

Garnas Farm, Worth County, 154 acres SOLD

McBra Farm, Davis County, 387 acres SOLD

Brunner Farm, Floyd County, 160 acres SOLD

Schipper Farm, Butler County, 137 acres SOLD 

Lundt Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 320 acres SOLD

Crimmings Farm, Worth County, 380 acres SOLD

Best Farm, Butler County, 480 acres SOLD

Best Farm, Grundy County, 98 acres SOLD

Pope Farm, Butler County, 70 acres SOLD

Gardner Farm, Butler County, 149 acres SOLD

McCandless Farm, Butler County, 100 acres SOLD

Lockard Farm, Black Hawk County, 80 acres SOLD

Creeden Farm, Butler County, 319 acres SOLD

Helland Farm, Winnebago County, 338 acres SOLD

Wihlm Farm, Franklin County, 77 acres SOLD

Wihlm Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 220 acres SOLD

Booth Farm, Dickinson County, 80 acres SOLD

Lauterbach Farm, Floyd County, 148 acres SOLD

Wedeking Farm, Butler County, 98 acres SOLD

Schrader Farm, Mitchell County, 181 acres SOLD

Wenger Farm, Mitchell County, 186 acres SOLD

Dierks Farm, Worth County, 160 acres SOLD

TNT Farm, Fillmore County, MN 99 acres SOLD

Ott Farm, Floyd County, 495 acres SOLD

Ott Farm, Floyd County, 270 acres SOLD

Hesalroad Farm, Butler County, 130 acres SOLD

WD Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 100 acres SOLD

Schwanke Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 80 acres SOLD

Holstad Farm, Worth County, 76 acres SOLD

Stebens Farms, Cerro Gordo County, 424 acres SOLD

ARE Farms, Franklin County, 393 acres, SOLD

Burma Farm, Butler County, 80 acres, SOLD

Bruns Farm, Butler County, 175 acres, SOLD

Witzel Farm, Floyd County, 80 acres, SOLD

Ebling Farm, Butler County, 160 acres, SOLD

Johnson Farm, Floyd County, 160 acres, SOLD

Schrage Farm, Butler County, 184 acres, SOLD

McManus Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 80 acres SOLD

O'Brien Farm, Butler County, 65 acres SOLD

FSB Farms, Mitchell/Howard County, 491 acres SOLD

Manganiello Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 139 acres SOLD

Tracy Farm, Floyd/Chickasaw County, 214 acres SOLD

Clark Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 249 acres SOLD

Cahalan Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 356 acres SOLD

Kyle Farm, Butler County, 40 acres SOLD

Spooner Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 160 acres SOLD

Kuhlers Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 80 acres SOLD

Johnson Farm, Worth County, 248 acres SOLD

Blum Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 233 acres SOLD

Johnson Farm, Worth County, 470 acres SOLD

Messier Farm, Floyd County, 349 acres SOLD

Welsch Farm, Bremer County, 93 acres SOLD

Smith Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 73 acres SOLD

Dieterich Farm, Mitchell County, 315 acres SOLD

Nuehring Farm, Mitchell County, 91 acres SOLD

Lindsay Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 160 acres SOLD

Schwarck Farm, Hardin County, 228 acres SOLD

Mallery Farm, Floyd/Mitchell County, 340 acres SOLD

Landers Farm, Butler County, 154 acres SOLD     

Lichtsinn Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 80 acres SOLD

Koch Farm, Mitchell County, 160 acres SOLD                                                     

Hemmerich Farm, Butler County, 75 acres SOLD

Reinhart II Farm, Floyd County, 79 acres SOLD

Bartz Farm, Mitchell County, 56 acres SOLD

Skuster Farm, Mitchell County, 240 acres SOLD

Nettleton Farm, Butler County, 50 acres SOLD

Reinhart Farm, Floyd County, 233 acres SOLD

Read Farm, Floyd County, 270 acres SOLD

Schmeiser Farm, Louisa County, 115 acres SOLD

Laughlin Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 111 acres SOLD

Underwood Farm, Kossuth County, 40 acres SOLD

Kies Farm, Chickasaw County, 99 acres SOLD

Leavens Farm, Butler County, 80 acres SOLD

Pettit Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 131 acres SOLD

Brunner Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 87 acres SOLD

Schick Farm, Cerro Gordo County,149 acres SOLD   

Debner Farm, Butler County, 114 Acres SOLD

NI Land Co. Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 204 acres  SOLD

Kaldenberg Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 157 acres   SOLD

Floy Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 190 acres  SOLD

Nuehring Farm, Hancock County, 95 acres  SOLD

Hoefer Farm, Worth County, 80 acres   SOLD

Ulum Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 306 acres    SOLD

Hoffman Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 40 acres   SOLD

Willsher Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 80 acres   SOLD

Barkema Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 168 acres   SOLD

Brcka Farm, Hancock County, 151 acres    SOLD

Schlichting Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 80 acres    SOLD

Roben Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 140 acres    SOLD

Crawford Farm, Mitchell County, 157 acres    SOLD

Parks Farm, Cerro Gordo County 155 acres  SOLD

Hagen Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 120 acres  SOLD

Coffey Farm, Floyd County, 113 acres  SOLD

Hafermann Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 160 acres  SOLD

Marshall Tall Corn Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 86 acres   SOLD

Studt Farm, Floyd County, 115 acres  SOLD

Lindsay Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 182 acres  SOLD

Hoveland Farm, Floyd County, 152 acres  SOLD

Rodemeyer Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 304 acres  SOLD

Rodemeyer Farm, Franklin County, 135 acres   SOLD

Chodur Farm, Worth County, 237 acres   SOLD

Brood Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 154 acres   SOLD

Doran Farm, Clark County, MO, 201 acres  SOLD

Blackwell Farm, Van Buren County, 75 acres SOLD

Saltzgaver Farm, Lee County, 180 acres   SOLD

Daum Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 160 acres   SOLD

Brown Farm, Wapello/Davis County, 120 acres  SOLD

Petersen Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 125 acres SOLD

Younger Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 71 acres  SOLD

Casey Farm, Howard County, 28 acres   SOLD

Sayer Farm, Van Buren County, 51 acres  SOLD

Marchio Farm, Van Buren County, 100 acres   SOLD

Black Farm, Van Buren County, 160 acres   SOLD

Nichols Farm, Davis County, 85 acres  SOLD

Peshak Farm, Floyd County, 160 acres   SOLD

A&A Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 126 acres   SOLD

Reimers Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 170 acres   SOLD

Autterson Farm, Floyd County, 150 acres  SOLD

Rummens Farm, Humboldt County, 200 acres   SOLD

Foster Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 309 acres   SOLD

Long Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 180 acres   SOLD

Bonner Farm, Hancock County, 80 acres  SOLD

Watt Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 146 acres  SOLD

Katuin Farm, Hancock County, 160 acres  SOLD

Nuehring Farm, Hancock County, 160 acres SOLD

Geer Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 71 acres  SOLD

Schaefer Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 160 acres  SOLD

Weaver Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 320 acres   SOLD

Bonner Farm, Cerro Gordo County, 180 acres   SOLD